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How to choose great domain names

A great domain name is easy to remember. Make sure yours is as short as possible and easy to spell.

Most of all a domain name should reflect you. Make sure you:

  • Register your main company or business name in popular domain spaces e.g.,
  • Register your product and service names e.g.
  • Register generic terms relevant to your business e.g.,,,
  • Secure names in global markets e.g.,,,

If your preferred name is taken then search for an abbreviation, change the order of words around, add hyphens, or add your city, state, or country to come up with something unique.

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Domain Pricing

TLD  Years Register 2 $130.00 2 $130.00 2 $60.00
.com 1 $45.00
.net 1 $45.00
.org 1 $45.00
.info 1 $45.00