Vet Hub Ringwood helping Lucy from Footprintweb

Vet Hub Ringwood helping Lucy from Footprintweb

Vet Hub Ringwood helping Lucy from Footprintweb

One of our own dear family members (our pet cat Lucy) under went surgery this week.  Dr Stuart Turner and the team at Vet Hub Ringwood were amazing and we can not thank them enough for taking care of our Lucy, she is on the road to recovery now…

So if you are in need of an excellent vet, look no further than Vet Hub Ringwood, see below for a link to their website.


Did you know that we have been designing and building creative websites for local industries and businesses here in Croydon, Victoria for a while now? It is truly amazing to see the variety of different business that are around and operating.  Although they vary from local trades such as plumbers, electricians, panel shops to medical practitioners, high end engineering and legal teams, they all have one thing in common being, that online exposure is important and provides validation to their clients.

We pride ourselves on is providing excellent service to our clients and part of that service is…


Manipulating keywords and phrases to push your company’s site higher up the list of search engine results.. SEO Zone pots and Sitemaps. Packages starting from $390 per month ( no contracts ) as as you go option.


We offer Google Adwords – Pay per Click advertising to maximise your website traffic – packages start at $100 per week pay as you go ( no contracts )

Here at Footprintweb, we keep it simple & direct, understanding functionality and information flow is a must for end users ” your clients” – the less they have to click the better when accessing the information that they are looking for.

For a creative website that works well, both frontend – backend connects to Google everyday so you’re being found and indexed in a proper manner call us 03 9723 1555 or email

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Google Analytics

What the new version of Google Analytics brings to your business


The new version of Google Analytics has been available in beta for quite some time within existing accounts, accessed by clicking on “New version” in the top right hand corner of the webpage. They have recently announced that soon this new version will be activated in all accounts as the default interface. Google shares that the new version provides its users three significant improvements:

A redesigned platform with major new functionality

A streamlined interface that makes it easier to access information

Improved, faster report performance

You already use Google Analytics to access crucial data and metrics about your internet advertising and marketing efforts. So what does this new version bring to your business? Some of the highlights of the new version of Analytics include:

Real-time reporting

You are now able to see stats on what is happening right now on your website. Reports are updated continuously, with stats reported seconds after pageviews occur. This is especially useful for monitoring campaigns that you have running, such as an online advertising campaign for example. Or maybe you want to see how your new blog post or article is doing. With the new real-time reporting, you can get feedback right away and make proactive adjustments more quickly. You can access real-time reporting from the “Home” tab.

Mobile reporting

The number of visitors using mobile devices to access websites is fast increasingly. This new metric gives you insight into how these visitors are using and interacting with your site. You are also able to see which devices are most commonly used to visit your site, allowing your business to focus mobile optimization efforts on these devices. See these stats under the “Visitors” tab. If your business has a mobile version of your website, you are also able to create a separate profile for the mobile site, and get all the same information from Google Analytics that you do for your regular website.

Flow visualization

This newly designed graphic tool shows you how your website visitors navigate through your site. Previously it was a little cumbersome to access this data, but the new design makes the data easier to visualize and understand. Visitor flow allows you to see your visitors’ journey by traffic source or by visitor demographic information, such as country. Access this data via the “Visitors” tab. Goal flow, based on goal steps that you define, lets you see a visitor’s journey through these steps. Access this data from the “Conversion” tab within the “Goals” section. Both flows also give you insight as to where visitors have dropped off.

The new version of Analytics promises to be faster, more intuitive and more insightful than ever before. Use it to further improve your business’ internet marketing strategy.